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Innovative Risk Transfer was established in July 2000 and is owned by David Blackett.  David is one of Australia’s most creative and enterprising insurance professionals.  He has a Master of Business in Financial Services majoring in general insurance, is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance and is a Certified Insurance Professional.

Back in 2000, after more than 24 years experience in general insurance and risk management, David decided to make the insights gained from that experience and his unique ingenuity as an innovator accessible to a wider network. He successfully built his own business by providing the right advice to farmers.

Prior to 2000, David developed from scratch a $12m portfolio in Agricultural Insurance for GIO Australia, including a geographical grid rating method and a new crop income insurance product that has now become the product of choice for many growers.

In 2014 David took on a new challenge as Chief Operating Officer at Achmea. The 18 months spent developing a new insurance company and recalibrating Dutch products for Australian conditions gave David deep insights into agricultural insurance from the insurer's perspective.

Now, through the his own consultancy, he can work for you.

To pick his brain, why not give him a call?

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