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In addition to providing consulting services on the uses of geographical information systems to underwriting agencies, we have developed a range of products to assist in the underwriting of agricultural risks.

Risk Grids - These are a range of different sized grids which you can use to choose how coarsely or finely you aggregate exposures. Your aggregation controls can now be based on your assessment of the nature of the homogeneous boundaries of the exposure you want to rate rather than having to rely on arbitary and changing administrative boundaries like Local Governement Areas or Postcodes. Choose from 100 by 100 Kilometre, 10 by 10 Kilometre1 by 1 Kilometre or One Hectare risk grids depending on the nature of the risk and peril you want to rate.

We have also been active in creating inovative risk transfer products.

Debt Waiver - We developed the Debt Waiver product for Cotton Growers Services for the 2003/04 cotton growing season.

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